Close Concerns' mission is to improve patient outcomes by making researchers, clinicians, scientists, companies, patients, and families smarter about diabetes and obesity. We do this by creating and synthesizing news and insights on therapies and technologies related to these conditions. Our information service, Closer Look, keeps researchers and members of industry abreast of scientific breakthroughs and market dynamics. We helped launch diaTribe, an education resource which informs patients and caregivers of the latest products and research in diabetes, and now runs under The diaTribe Foundation, an independent non-profit organization. And through a partnership with our sister company, dQ&A, we offer corporate clients an array of market research and consulting services.

We study new research relentlessly and interview dozens of clinicians and thought leaders annually. We are advocates for better education, access to innovative therapies, and a healthcare system that encourages providers to give personal care to every individual who has or is at risk of developing diabetes or obesity. Finally, through our associate program, we develop future leaders in medicine and research, who we hope will teach others about these major public health concerns.