Ascensia and Glooko partner to integrate Contour Next One and Plus One BGMs with Bluetooth into Glooko’s data management system; launch later in 2017 – January 31, 2017

This morning, Ascensia announced that it has entered into a development agreement to integrate its Contour Next One and Contour Plus One BGM systems with Glooko’s diabetes data management platform. The integration, expected to go live later in 2017, will allow for blood glucose data to be automatically uploaded to Glooko via the Bluetooth-connected meters and through an automatic feed from the Contour Cloud. Users will be able to view their data in both the Glooko and Contour Diabetes apps – great to see choice there. Ascensia shared with us that the commercial terms of the agreement (e.g., cost, go-to market approach) are still unclear. Perhaps the integration will follow the Insulet model, in which Insulet sponsors free Glooko access for all US Omnipod patients and healthcare providers – would Ascensia do this? Alternatively, we might expect patients will benefit from the integration only if they have access to Glooko through their clinic/health system or if they pay for the consumer version ($59.95 per year). For Glooko, this news continues impressive momentum, building on the bigtime partnership with Novo Nordisk (announced earlier this month), the merger with Diasend last September, and the launch of Medtronic integration in October. We are excited to see Ascensia partnering on the software front, allowing its connected BGMs to fit within a broader ecosystem of software – particularly because Glooko is now used in over 4,800 health systems in 27 countries. Contour Next One is available in at least 14 European markets, with a US launch expected in early 2017; Contour Plus One is currently available in Poland.

  • Ascensia told us that the paired Contour App does not have a bolus calculator feature, though we imagine this is on the roadmap – especially to keep up with Roche’s Accu-Chek Connect.
  • As a reminder, Glooko has a lot of ongoing work on insulin titration. Its MIDS basal titration system had a planned FDA submission by the end of 2016 (we’re not sure if it went in, and Glooko could not comment), while the Novo Nordisk partnership plans to launch its own insulin dose titration software (first product this year, though we don’t believe it will include this feature). Ascensia’s Bluetooth-enabled meters will benefit from these software tools, another reason to do this deal – use the software innovation at a company like Glooko to add more expertise in this area.

-- by Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close