Dexcom adds AGP to Dexcom Clarity! Huge CGM report standardization win for the field – June 9, 2017

In a huge victory for CGM data standardization, Dexcom announced yesterday morning that it has incorporated the IDC-developed one-page standard Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) report into its web-based Dexcom Clarity software. This is already live on Clarity and is listed as another report option alongside Clarity’s four standard reports (Overview, Patterns, Data, Compare) and new Statistics report. The one-page AGP report appears in full, including the top section devoted to glucose statistics (average, % <54 mg/dl, <70 mg/dl, 70-180 mg/dl, >180 mg/dl, >250 mg/dl, CV and SD, and % time with active CGM); the AGP graph; and the daily glucose profile thumbnails. We love that each statistic includes a reference range so clinicians know what “normal” is. 

It’s outstanding to see Dexcom incorporate the report following the 2012 IDC/Helmsley Charitable Trust expert panel on glucose data reporting, the subsequent publication of AGP in JDST/DT&T in 2013, the 2016 AACE Glucose Monitoring Consensus statement, Abbott’s incorporation of AGP into FreeStyle Libre’s software, additional AGP commitments at ADA 2016 from Roche, Glooko/Diasend, and Abbott; and about a month after Drs. George Grunberger and Vivian Fonseca co-authored an Endocrine Practice Letter to the Editor recommending standard AGP-like reports. Clinicians have told us for a long time that the AGP is a great way to display data – we love that the momentum continues to build and that more companies see the value of adding this report on top of their own innovative ways to display data – our field needs both! Dr. Grunberger presented the idealized view of standardization in Dexcom’s press release, going back to a familiar analogy: “AGP can become the EKG report of diabetology - where there is one standard glucose report that all clinicians can interpret.” Yes!

Kudos to Dr. Rich Bergenstal and his IDC team and to all the professional groups on the wins they continue to have with AGP and our thanks to everyone working on new standards like CGM that help patients, clinicians, researchers, and policymakers.   

  • Will Medtronic add AGP too? It would be nice for patients to be able to compare reports and for clinicians to see the same graphs when looking at CGM – all propelling CGM as standard of care.
  • This addition to Clarity will be featured in Dexcom’s booth this weekend at ADA – it’s a whole new world for patients, waking up and looking at time in zone on their apps or computer and seeing the last 7, 14, 30, and 90 days all in 10-second swipes (Adam and Kelly have been doing this for two days since AGP was added to Clarity.) We are well aware not all patients yet have access to CGM as the new standard of care and we send big hopes that there will be much progress on this front as standards are hammered out and implementation ensues. Particularly important will continue to be to show the value associated with CGM – we’ve just seen the start, we’re guessing!

-- by Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close