Bigfoot Biomedical appoints Dr. Jim Malone as its first Chief Medical Officer – June 12, 2020

Dr. Malone previously served as Senior Medical Director at Eli Lilly and medical consultant for Bigfoot; appointment comes as Bigfoot prepares submission for Unity “in a month”

Earlier this morning (Friday), Bigfoot Biomedical announced the appointment of Dr. Jim Malone as the company’s first Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Malone has served as a medical consultant for Bigfoot for some time, and with his new role, this well-known former leader of Eli Lilly will provide strategic leadership in the improving the regulatory review process for future products, catalyzing new partnerships, and enhancing the user experience. Notably, today’s announcement also comes approximately one week after Bigfoot closed a $55 million Series C funding round to support FDA submission of the first-generation Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management system. As of last week, the product was in the final verification stage with plans upcoming for an FDA submission.

Dr. Malone brings an absolute wealth of expertise and background in the field of diabetes to Bigfoot. Following training in internal medicine at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and a clinical fellowship in Diabetes and Metabolism at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Dr. Malone returned to Indianapolis as a private practice diabetologist for twelve years. In 1997, he joined Lilly as a clinical research physician, rising to increasingly senior roles to support the development of novel insulins, insulin delivery devices, and GLP-1. Beyond his roles in clinical medicine and research, Dr. Malone has also held notable advocacy positions with the American Diabetes Association (serving as President of the Indiana Affiliate); medical staff at ADA’s diabetes camps; and on the Board of Directors of the Indiana State JDRF organization. He has also been a longtime advisor to many other organizations in the field.

Looking ahead for Bigfoot, Dr. Malone will assist in answering a number of key questions including data collection, reimbursement model analysis, and spearheading new collaborations. In this morning’s press announcement, Dr. Malone’s comments focus on excitement around reducing burden on health-care providers as well as people with diabetes. Designing for simplicity and ease of use have obviously been a huge focus for Bigfoot in developing its Bigfoot Unity smart pen system, as seen in our recent Q&A with CEO Jeffrey Brewer and Executive Board Director Bryan Mazlish.


--by Ani Gururaj, Albert Cai, and Kelly Close