Medtronic and Glooko launch data integration; patient webinar on November 3 – October 31, 2016

Glooko recently launched long-awaited – and milestone-marking – compatibility with Medtronic pumps and CGM sensors. An email today shared that a patient webinar will occur on November 3rd from 12-1 pm PT (9-10 am ET) to demonstrate how to sync, analyze, and review data from Medtronic devices. Register here for the one-hour session, including a live Q&A. Based on this help page, Medtronic users simply link their Glooko and CareLink accounts once, and then the data will flow automatically. We’re glad to see a tight cloud-cloud integration for MiniMed Connect users, which enables automatic mobile data upload to CareLink once a day, and then data automatically sent to Glooko’s Android and iOS apps – on-the-go viewing is key, particularly for HCP appointments. Those without MiniMed Connect will still need to upload to the CareLink web-based platform using a computer, but this should become a thing of the past once Medtronic adds Bluetooth to its pumps (in the pipeline, but no timing has ever been shared). The integration is a long time coming – Medtronic invested in Glooko in March 2015, and at ADA, the integration was expected to launch in July. The updated timing at AADE in August expected a launch by early September, but Glooko ran a long beta program to identify edge cases and bugs. This resulted in a delay, but surely a more seamless integration. Glooko’s website does not mention the 630G or upcoming 670G in its “Compatibility” section, and the help page only says 530G and Paradigm pumps are supported at this time. We assume that will change. The Glooko pump/CGM user interface adds a new “Personal Advisor,” bringing pattern recognition features into the patient-facing app (high and low trends by time of day, best day, fun emoji faces, etc.). Breaking into the Medtronic data silo is a spectacular win for Glooko, and we hope it is a sign of even more open data partnerships to come.

-- by Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close