Medtronic updates InPen app with real-time Guardian Connect CGM data integration – November 12, 2020

Integration comes ~two months following closing of Medtronic’s acquisition of Companion Medical; Dexcom and Senseonics CGMs still supported, though three-hour delayed

This morning, Medtronic announced an update to the InPen smartphone app (App Store; Google Play), bringing real-time data integration with Medtronic’s Guardian Connect CGM. With the integration (see screenshot below), Guardian Connect and InPen users will be able to see real-time glucose values and trend arrows in the InPen app. Additionally, Guardian Connect data will be available in the InPen’s Insights reports. Medtronic’s announcement notes that InPen’s data integration with the currently compatible Dexcocm G6 will remain supported, though on a three-hour delay. Currently, InPen also has an announced data integration agreement with Senseonics, though that has not yet launched.

The integration comes just ~two months following the closing of Medtronic’s acquisition of Companion Medical (and its InPen) in September. Based on the quick integration between Guardian Connect and InPen and remarks from Medtronic’s Analyst Day last month, it’s clear Medtronic has made InPen a priority in its Diabetes business. For now, the integration is certainly a first iteration. While CGM data can be viewed in the InPen app, InPen data can’t yet be accessed from the Guardian Connect app. Additionally, the Guardian Connect CGM values are not automatically populated into InPen’s smart bolus calculator. Of course, the Guardian Connect also has an adjunctive indication, meaning users are expected to take a confirmatory fingerstick before dosing insulin anyways.

The ability to view real-time CGM data and insulin dosing data in the same app is a valuable feature for patients. Though seemingly straightforward, to our knowledge, InPen and Guardian Connnect is only the second mobile app to offer this feature. The first, Tandem’s t:connect mobile app, which allows viewers to see Dexcom CGM and Tandem t:slim X2 dosing data, launched just a few months ago. Insulet’s Omnipod VIEW app offers secondary display of insulin dosing data, but users still have to go to their CGM app to view CGM data.

--by Albert Cai and Kelly Close