Asante announces partnership with Glooko and Diasend for Asante Snap pump downloading – June 14, 2013

Executive Highlights

  • Asante has announced two data downloading partnerships, one with Glooko and one with Diasend, to enable data downloading from the Asante Snap insulin pump.
  • Patients will be able to upgrade to the new downloadable controller as early as 4Q13 ($99).

Last week, Asante announced a partnership with Glooko to make the Asante Snap insulin pump compatible with Glooko’s diabetes management system (iPhone app, universal MeterSync cable, and web dashboard). Asante expects to integrate the Snap with Glooko's software in time to release a downloadable insulin pump as early as 4Q13; the controller upgrade will be available for $99. The Glooko partnership is a very smart one in our view – it will work with an existing system and will support a vast array of glucose meter integrations. As a reminder, Glooko's product is compatible with an impressive 19 popular glucose meters. (For the latest news on Glooko, see our discussion of their most recent next-gen product launch in our Closer Look at Certainly, the industry is moving towards more seamless and simpler data downloading, and this partnership is an important step for Asante in that regard. We also expect that CDEs will appreciate that the Snap won’t require learning a new proprietary software program.

Building on this partnership, Asante announced on Tuesday a second encouraging collaboration for data downloading – the company will partner with Diasend to allow the transmission of Snap data to Diasend's universal online data management system. Diasend’s downloading capability will be available through the same controller upgrade that integrates the Snap pump with Glooko's software. As we understand it, data transmission will initially require a cable connection as currently required by Glooko and Diasend-integrated products; however, Asante’s next-generation downloadable pump will have a wireless interface. The second partnership further demonstrates Asante's intention to build data downloading capabilities into their pump and to rely on already-established software systems. We look forward to seeing the new downloadable pump on the market and are curious which software system, Diasend or Glooko, will receive more traffic from Asante Snap users. We expect that patients and providers will appreciate having two options as patients can adopt the data management system that best fits their needs.

As a reminder, Asante is pursuing a hybrid model with the Snap, comprised of a durable controller and a disposable pump body (the company's site discusses the model in greater detail). Asante initiated a controlled launch of its Snap insulin pump in early April. For more information, read our in-depth discussion at

-- by Kira Maker, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close