NYT reports that Dexcom's direct G5 transmitter-to-Apple Watch is under FDA review - December 27, 2017

Correction: As of Dexcom's ATTD 2018 symposium (February 2018), we've confirmed this direct-to-watch transmission is NOT under FDA review and is still under development. Get more details here.

According to this New York Times piece on Apple Watch, Dexcom’s direct G5-transmitter-to-Apple Watch communication is reportedly under FDA review – this is the first specific timing update we’ve heard on this exciting move to enable CGM viewing on the watch without a nearby phone. Apple first mentioned this in June at its worldwide developer conference, though Dexcom has been notably quiet about it. 

Reporter Daisuke Wakabayashi also notes that an Apple team continues to focus on non-invasive glucose monitoring capabilities for the Watch, though it acknowledges this is several years away from the market. Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who had diabetes and cancer at the end of his life, was certainly ahead of his time in envisioning the Apple Watch enabling so much. In our view, a big switch over the last year has been seeing Apple Watch increasingly move into the medical realm – especially for heart health (EKG readings, Apple Heart Study) – not just fitness. 

Read the short NYT piece here for more thoughts, including a quote from Dexcom’s CEO Kevin Sayer on the exciting potential of combining CGM and Apple Watch data.