Medtronic MiniMed 630G approved in Canada, launching in early 2017 – October 25, 2016

Medtronic Canada announced on Thursday that the MiniMed 630G has received Health Canada approval and will launch in early 2017. The approval will bring threshold suspend on Medtronic’s new pump platform (waterproof, color screen, remote meter bolus) to Canadians, and quickly follows the September launch of the system in the US. The system will presumably launch with the Enhanced Enlite CGM (Enlite 2), which is currently available in Canada. As we noted last month, the 630G is an incremental product launch over the current 530G/Veo, but is smart strategically for at least two reasons: it gets a better pump on the market vs. current Medtronic offerings, plus it probably sped up the MiniMed 670G (hybrid closed loop) regulatory review in the US. We’re not sure what the timing is on the 670G in Canada, as the FDA announcement last month only said approval “outside the US” is expected in summer 2017 – presumably this means Europe, but perhaps Canada and Australia will be included too.

-- by Adam Brown and Kelly Close