JDRF commits two years of funding to BD to develop extended wear infusion set – November 11, 2016

BD announced today that it has received a two-year funding commitment from JDRF to pursue an extended wear infusion set. No specifics were offered in terms of the amount of the funding (we assume single-digit millions) or the time to commercialization (we assume within five years). The program is focused on the mechanical, material, and biological issues that limit sets’ wear duration to just three days now; we hope BD could extend life to seven days or beyond, keeping up with current CGM devices (or perhaps integrating them). The news follows the long-awaited launch of the BD/Medtronic MiniMed Pro-set with FlowSmart in September, and a longstanding series of partnerships between BD and JDRF: more consistent insulin delivery and microneedle sets in 2010, better CGM in 2012 (discontinued in 2014), and combined insulin infusion and CGM in 2013 (also discontinued in 2014). We are elated to see JDRF and BD’s commitment to continued innovation in infusion sets, since there is so much more that needs to happen in this area. As the closed-loop field moves ahead, JDRF is placing a clear portfolio focus on second-gen improvements, including infusion sets. Last August, JDRF put out an RFP for extended set duration (hoping to match CGM wear time), and more recently, put out a $7 million funding opportunity to reduce the on-body burden and improve usability of artificial pancreas system. Related to this BD project, JDRF is funding TJU/Capillary Biomedical’s efforts ($1.5 million) to develop a novel seven-day wear set. And in June, Medtronic shared that it is also working on an extended wear set that it is hoping to launch “in the next three years.”

-- by Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close