Ypsomed and Dexcom Announce Partnership to Develop Hybrid Closed Loop System – May 5, 2020

Ypsomed to integrate Dexcom data into Ypsomed mylife App by “late 2020/early 2021”; later goal to add hybrid closed loop to YpsoPump “powered by the Dexcom TypeZero algorithm”

Yesterday, Switzerland-based Ypsomed announced a partnership with Dexcom to “drive development of a hybrid closed loop system.” In the first stage of the partnership, Ypsomed aims to integrate Dexcom CGM data with its mylife app (App Store; Google Play). Later on, the two companies plan to develop a hybrid closed loop system “powered by the Dexcom TypeZero algorithm,” Dexcom’s G6 and G7 CGMs, and Ypsomed’s YpsoPump. Back in November, Ypsomed CEO Simon Michel hinted that his company was working with “one of the two [US] CGM companies” to bring YpsoPump into the US market. As of September, there were 12,500 YpsoPump users in Europe and Australia; the company expects to submit YpsoPump to the FDA by the end of 2020 with expected approval in “mid-2021.”

  • The data integration between Dexcom’s CGM and the mylife app will be real-time and enable the mylife app to provide high and low glucose alerts. The app will show insulin pump data from YpsoPump alongside Dexcom CGM data will send the data wirelessly to the cloud for physician or caregivers to view. This will be a nice convenience win for patients and providers, as it removes the burden of cabled data transfer. To our knowledge, there are no fully wireless data upload pump systems available, though Tandem is expecting to launch its t:slim X2 smartphone app in the “coming weeks” in the US, which will bring no-cable uploads to t:slim X2 users. Ypsomed expects their integration to be available in “late 2020/early 2021.”

  • Ypsomed and Dexcom will work together to develop a hybrid closed loop system powered by Dexcom’s TypeZero algorithm. Though not specified, this presumably means the TypeZero inControl algorithm, which also powers Tandem’s recently launched Control-IQ hybrid closed loop. (Tandem pays a royalty to Dexcom related to Control-IQ.) Ypsomed’s automated insulin delivery approach is focused on building an open-protocol pump (i.e., ACE pump) and partnering with CGM and algorithm developers; in Dexcom, Ypsomed has found its first partner. Ypsomed intends to make its AID systems with full smartphone control. In November 2019, the company expected to be “ready for a regulatory pathway” in ~two years – we’ll probably hear an update when the company hosts its FY20 earnings call in a few weeks. The interoperable myLife YpsoPump project is part of JDRF’s Open Protocol AID Systems Initiative and received a two-year grant from JDRF to support development back in 2018.


--by Albert Cai and Kelly Close