Tidepool receives $900,000 grant from Helmsley Charitable Trust, Blip and Uploader in beta and set for public release this summer – May 5, 2015

Tidepool announced a new $900,000 grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust (HCT) over 18 months to support further development of its diabetes data platform. An accompanying blog post from CEO Howard Look shared the latest timing on Tidepool’s efforts: Blip (a web-based hub for diabetes data) and the Tidepool Uploader (a Google Chrome web app for uploading devices) are currently in a private beta; a public Beta is expected over the next couple of months; and a public release of the Uploader, Blip, and developer interfaces are expected this summer. The Tidepool Uploader will support devices from Asante, Dexcom, Insulet, Tandem, Abbott, and Medtronic (via CareLink); the HCT grant expands the ability to add more BGMs and insulin pumps, for which Tidepool prefers official protocol sharing partnerships with device makers (these do not currently exist for Animas, Medtronic, and Roche). The grant also enables all Tidepool users to donate their data to the T1D Exchange and Jaeb Center for Health Research – this will be a gold mine for researchers! Notably, Tidepool’s Uploader is currently supporting the very important “Replace BG” study, an ongoing HCT/T1D Exchange trial testing insulin dosing off the Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM without a confirmatory fingerstick. What is perhaps most exciting about Tidepool is the ability for developers to build software on top of the platform, hopefully creating a vibrant ecosystem of apps that cater to specific patient needs. [i.e., similar to how Apple’s App Store provided a universal platform for developers to build on top of.] We are fans of the “Switzerland” approach and have high hopes that Tidepool will help patients, providers, manufacturers, payers, and researchers improve care, tighten feedback loops, and save wasted time.