Ascensia + Voluntis Partner to Connect Contour Next and Plus One BGMs with Insulia Basal Titration App; Launch in 4Q17 - June 8, 2017

This morning, Ascensia announced a global partnership to connect Voluntis’ Insulia basal insulin titration app for type 2s with Contour Next One and Plus One BGM systems. The integration is expected to go live for people with type 2 diabetes in 4Q17. We’re not sure exactly how the combo will be deployed – Insulia is a prescribed app, but we’re not sure how that will come to market in combination with Ascensia’s BGMs. Will the products be bundled and sold together directly to patients? Will providers prescribe the two together? Or will the commercialization be separate, with Ascensia simply feeding data into Insulia as an integrated device? Voluntis has moved quickly, establishing partnerships with Livongo, Sanofi, and now Ascensia after announcing FDA clearance for Insulia in December. Ascensia is fresh off announcing development agreements with Insulet and Glooko and is clearly doubling down on digital diabetes care and connectivity. Notes CEO Mr. Michael Kloss in the press release, “[This] is our first partnership in the area of medication management, which is a critical component of integrated diabetes management…” We’re glad to see both companies partnering widely and look forward to seeing the business model and how Insulia comes to market at scale.


-- by Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close