One Drop Chrome now available in select brick-and-mortar Apple Stores – June 28, 2019

$69.95 for meter + app, with complimentary year of coaching; Apple previously carried Sanofi’s iBGStar BGM, but no other diabetes products currently

One Drop announced yesterday that One Drop Chrome (Bluetooth BGM + app) is now available at select Apple stores in the US. People who purchase One Drop in the Apple store ($69.95 per CNBC) will also receive one year of CDE coaching. On One Drop’s website, the BGM starter kit also costs $69.95, but sans complimentary coaching. 

Apple does not currently market other diabetes products, but did sell Sanofi’s iBGStar BGM for a period in 2012 and One Drop Chrome is also available through Apple’s online store. As Apple looks to push deeper into healthcare (see CEO Tim Cook interview), One Drop has emerged as a key glucose monitoring partner. Late last year, One Drop’s Chrome BGM also became the first to send glucose values directly to the Apple Watch, and One Drop has introduced Apple iPhone Health Records integration. Dexcom also has a tight partnership with Apple, and seems poised to be the first CGM to go direct from transmitter-to-Apple Watch.

To what extent will this expand uptake of One Drop’s BGM? Where else will Apple use its enormous retail and marketing infrastructure to propel diabetes products? Will we ever see CGM sold in Apple stores, assuming products obtain direct-to-consumer indications?

One Drop has also collaborated with many consumer brands beyond Apple. For example, the company has a multi-part collaboration with Fitbit (beginning with a One Drop app for Fitbit smartwatches), and integrations with Amazon’s Choice brand and Amazon Alexa.


-- by Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close