Adocia announces addition of two new bi-hormonal rapid-acting insulin combination products to its pipeline – January 10, 2017

Adocia just announced the launch of two new projects to develop novel bi-hormonal rapid-acting insulin combination products: co-formulations of insulin lispro with pramlintide (AZ’s amylin analogue Symlin) and exenatide (AZ’s GLP-1 agonist Byetta). Both hormone combination projects will rely on Adocia’s proprietary BioChaperone technology, which stabilizes insulin to facilitate combination with other molecules. The insulin lispro/pramlintide product is intended for people with type 1 diabetes and the insulin lispro/exenatide product is intended for people with type 2 diabetes. Clinical studies of both combinations are slated to begin in 4Q17. To date, Adocia’s candidates represent the only rapid-acting insulin/pramlintide and rapid-acting insulin/GLP-1 co-formulations currently in development, and the only rapid-acting insulin co-formulation products in general for that matter (both the recently-approved Xultophy [Tresiba/Victoza] from Novo Nordisk and Soliqua [Lantus/lixisenatide] from Sanofi are basal insulin combinations). Given that the non-insulin biologics in these combinations are noted for their postprandial glucose lowering effect, we’re curious if these combination products could serve as “next-generation” prandial insulins in a sense by providing greater postprandial control than is currently offered by standalone rapid-acting insulins. Certainly, phase 2 and phase 3 faster-acting insulin analogs thus far have been mildly underwhelming in their incremental benefit and we wonder if the answer isn’t so much a better insulin molecule but a different combination. We salute Adocia for its early work in this area of unmet need by looking to provide more efficient therapy without increasing injection burden. Adocia’s diabetes pipeline includes several other BioChaperone products, including phase 1 BioChaperone Combo (insulin glargine/insulin lispro), phase 1b BioChaperone Lispro, phase 1/2 HinsBet (BioChaperone human insulin), and recently-added BioChaperone Glargine GLP-1 and BioChaperone Human Glucagon. See our coverage of Adocia’s 3Q16 earnings update for more information on the company’s complete product pipeline.

-- by Abigail Dove, Helen Gao, and Kelly Close