Lilly and Livongo to collaborate on real-world research investigating the clinical and cost outcomes of diabetes interventions – January 8, 2018

Today, Lilly and Livongo announced a partnership to collect real-world evidence from behavioral studies and claims data to better understand effective diabetes care interventions. The companies have three aims: (i) measure the impact of remote diabetes self-management education and support on both clinical and healthcare cost outcomes; (ii) understand the drivers of healthy behaviors; and (iii) understand how those with diabetes can remain more engaged with their health. We love these aims – what important topics to address with real-world evidence.

Livongo and Lilly expect to publish the results of their collaborative research, and Livongo plans to incorporate insight gained from the studies into its diabetes management platform. The two companies hope to complete projects across late 2018 and early 2019.

We’ll be interested to see if this research agrees with Livongo’s promising retrospective data presented at ADA 2017, which showed Livongo users achieve significantly improved glycemic control and cost savings compared to non-Livongo users.

Lilly’s role in the work is unclear, but we’d guess it plays in to the new Connected Diabetes Ecosystem and two tech-enabled insulin delivery systems in development. Might Lilly’s insulin dose capture or insulin pump be integrated into Livongo’s coaching offerings so that studies leverage both insulin doses and glucose monitoring data? Might Livongo’s cellular-enabled BGM be incorporated into Lilly’s connected diabetes ecosystem, similar to Lilly’s Dexcom and Rimidi partnerships? Will Lilly leverage Livongo’s expanded device compatibility with the acquisition of Diabeto? Integration potential aside, we’re excited to see an emphasis on collecting real-world evidence to answer meaningful diabetes questions. Hopefully it can serve to more strongly convince payers and providers of the benefits of digital-driven diabetes care.

As of September, Livongo had a user base of 50,000+; we’re not sure if it reached its ambitious goal to be at 100,000+ by the end of 2017.


-- by Maeve Serino, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close