EOFlow licenses TypeZero’s inControl AP algorithm for patch pump; Development to begin in 2018; commercialization throughout Asia – February 16, 2018

South Korea-based EOFlow and TypeZero announced yesterday a non-exclusive agreement for EOFlow to license TypeZero’s inControl AP closed loop algorithm to control its tubeless patch pump as part of an automated insulin delivery system. While the press release did not provide a specific date for a clinical trial, development for the closed loop is expected to begin this year and EOFlow plans to submit the system for regulatory approval in early 2019, followed by commercialization throughout Asia. The company has not announced a CGM partner, and it’s unclear if this AID system will include the CGM in the patch pump (single on-body device) or as a separate on-body device (like current systems).

Clinical studies, which could start as soon as February (per previous comments), will be supported in part by JDRF, which forged an “Industry Discovery and Development Partnership” with EOFlow earlier this month.

As a reminder, TypeZero’s inControl AP software adjusts insulin delivery to minimize hypoglycemia and keep users within range, including basal modulation and auto-correction boluses TypeZero AP algorithms arebeing licensed by Tandem, Diabeloop, Roche-Senseonics long-term AP system, and Cellnovo – it is quickly becoming an Intel Inside for the AID field. The algorithms have been used in over 30 clinical trials throughout the US and Europe. EOFlow CEO Mr. Jesse Kim informed us earlier that an agreement has also been signed with a “clinically proven” sensor company, although the specific CGM player has not yet been announced.


-- by Maeve Serino, Brian Levine, Adam Brown, and Kelly Close