Adocia announces new BioChaperone Glucagon project and discontinues non-diabetes program - June 10, 2016

Adocia announced June 8 the development of BioChaperone Glucagon, a stable glucagon formulation that could have potential in a ready-to-use rescue device for severe hypoglycemia and as part of a bihormonal artificial pancreas system. The company has generated “promising” preclinical results for the product and plans to begin clinical trials in 1H17. Adocia also announced that it plans to discontinue its two non-diabetes programs in order to focus more resources on diabetes – that is very positive news all around from our view, despite the regulatory and commercial challenges in our collective midst. Other potential indications mentioned in the announcement include congenital hyperinsulinism and bariatric surgery-related hypoglycemia; we wonder whether Adocia might pursue approval for one of these narrower indications initially to take advantage of the more favorable regulatory pathways for rare diseases. Intriguingly, the announcement also noted that the glucagon product could also be developed for obesity in combination with an incretin product. Others in the stable glucagon race include Lilly (intranasal glucagon acquired from Locemia, to be submitted by 1H17), Xeris (phase 3 to begin “shortly” as of February), and Zealand (phase 2, artificial pancreas partnership with Beta Bionics just announced this morning and also terrific to see).   

-- by Emily Regier and Kelly Close