Health2Sync launches updated app with FreeStyle Libre CGM data integration – November 23, 2021

Updated app from Taiwan-based Health2Sync available to ~200,000 users in Japan

Health2Sync, a Taiwan-based diabetes management app (iOS, Android), announced that the latest version of its software platform includes FreeStyle Libre data integration via the Libre Link app. The integrated version of the Health2Sync app is currently available to approximately 200,000 users in Japan. For patients with diabetes in Japan, Abbott offers its FreeStyle Libre 14-day sensor with a reader and the FreeStyle Libre Link app allowing data visualization on patient’s smartphone devices. We heard a couple of days ago that the Libre2 app has been approved by the FDA and “will be available shortly!” We have not heard about this approval in Japan for this app but assume it’s on the way … we’ll be checking with Abbott on that.

As background, Health2Sync is the number one diabetes management app in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia and currently has "over 760,000" global users, up from over 500,000 users as of September 2020. Health2Sync has a number of partners in the diabetes arena including Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Fitbit, Ascensia, and Cigna. Notably, data from the partnership between Health2Sync and Fitbit, shared in November 2020 demonstrated 0.3% A1c reductions for patients (n=95) using the Health2Sync app integrated with Fitbit data after three months. With this new addition of FreeStyle Libre data to the Health2Sync app, we are excited for patients to have greater insight into trends in their diabetes management and would be interested to see outcomes data from patients using this updated system. We are also curious how Health2Sync has integrated Freestyle Libre data into its offerings which include a free basic version of the app as well as a premium version ($2.50-$3.00/month) including personalized monthly data reports, real-time data analysis, unlimited PDF reports, and educational content. We hope that some healthcare systems are paying for this for people with diabetes!

The digital health ecosystem continues to advance and pull in remarkable levels of funding. Notably, companies working to integrate CGM data into their digital health offerings continue to comprise a large section of the market, although they are often divided into those targeting people with diabetes and others pursuing a larger wellness population. Similarly to Health2Sync, other digital health developers including UnitedHealth Group’s Level 2 and Omada are offering CGM data integration within their diabetes management platforms, helping patients centralize how they interact with their data.

Close Concerns’ Q&A with Health2Sync

Q: Does Health2Sync have plans to expand this Freestyle Libre data integration outside Japan?

A: Yes.

Q: How has FreeStyle Libre data been integrated into Health2Sync data reports and educational content?

A: That is being planned. Immediately, health coaches on the Health2Sync coaching platform can capture CGM data along with diet and exercise and provide tailored recommendations.

Q: Does Health2Sync have plans to conduct studies into the efficacy of its digital health platform with the addition of FreeStyle Libre data (e.g., similar to the data investigating Health2Sync with Fitbit data integration)?

A: Yes, specifically around outcomes arising from changes in lifestyle.



--by Hanna Gutow and Kelly Close